Often asked: Where To Buy Tretorn Sneakers?

Are Tretorn sneakers comfortable?

The majority of buyers praised the comfortable fit of the Tretorn Nylite Canvas. Several expressed that they will highly recommend this model to their peers. The versatility of this kicks is noteworthy for several buyers.

Where are Tretorn sneakers made?

The fact that Tretorn is now made in China says it all.

Who owns Tretorn shoes?

London – Puma has sold Tretorn, the 120 year old Swedish tennis, footwear and outerwear brand to Authentic Brands Group ( ABG ), US parent company of Juicy Couture and Judith Leiber. Tretorn joins ABG’s current selection of sportswear and lifestyle brands, which include Spyder, Prince and Tapout.

What are Tretorn shoes?

Tretorn aims to inspire an active everyday life outside, whatever the weather, the season – in nature and cities. Rooted in an iconic Swedish heritage and contemporary outlook, Tretorn seeks to act as a creative pioneer, constantly challenging conventions to bring innovative products to consumers’ evolving lifestyles.

Do Tretorns come in wide?

Had Tretorns 30 years ago and decided to go back to them. They are very comfortable right out of the box. Both the Shorelines and Tretorns are Med width, but the Tretorns seemed wider. I have narrow feet so would have preferred a “narrower medium”.

How do you pronounce Tretorn shoes?

@caaalebbb In the US, we pronounce it “Tree-torn”.

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Can you wash Tretorn shoes?

Hand wash only. We recommend using a mild soap or detergent with a soft brush.

Is Tretorn vegan?

The World’s First ‘Visual Tattoo Perfume’ is Vegan According to Vogue, Shapiro worked alongside perfumers at International Flavors & Fragrances Inc to create the perfect scent for her unique product, which is hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, and water-proof.

Is Tretorn ethical?

Tretorn’s environment rating is ‘it’s a start’. It uses a medium proportion of eco-friendly materials including recycled materials. There is no evidence it minimises packaging. Tretorn is rated ‘Not good enough’ overall.

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