Question: How Do Native Shoes Sneakers Fit?

Do natives run big?

A note on sizing: Native shoes are offered in whole sizes only, and tend to run big. If you are between sizes, the company recommends sizing down.

Are Native Shoes narrow?

For my kids, summer isn’t summer without Native shoes. Or spring or fall, for that matter. Native is a Canadian company that makes lightweight injection-molded EVA shoes (among other products). They do run on the narrow side, so if your child has wide feet you might want to consider the Millers or the Veronas instead.

What is my native shoe size?


Native Sizing US Child JP/CM
C4 4 12
C5 5 12.5
C6 6 13.5
C7 7 14

Are Native shoes supportive?

The shoes are surprisingly supportive, at least as supportive as your average slip-on. Even if you buy them a little too big, they somehow manage to almost suction themselves onto the feet and actually stay on, unlike most sandals that tend to easily slip off.

Can natives go in the washing machine?

Wash with a cloth or soft brush and let dry in a cool shaded area. Never put your shoes in the washing machine, dryer, or dishwasher! We advise on our product tags to store shoes away from direct sun or heat, as they can warp due to the EVA composition.

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Do you wear socks with natives?

FOR FOOT WEARS Avoid wearing socks with your shoes when wearing native wears, there is no excuse for this even if you live in Antarctica or Iceland. Some people might be wondering, how are they going to survive all the sweat, stink and perspiration without socks, I would say go for “Half Socks ” [NOT Ankle Socks ].

Do natives fit wide feet?

Natives can fit children with wide feet, but not children with extra wide feet. If your children have narrow, medium, or wide feet, they will be able to fit into Natives. If your child has a wide foot, you should choose the Miller style.

How do you break in Native shoes?

Set your hair dryer on high/ hot and heat up the part of the shoe that is fitting too snug. The shoes will stretch when heated. DO NOT put them in the dryer and try it that way.

Can you wear native shoes in the water?

Every kid needs a pair of these Native slip-on sneakers to take them from the ocean to the boardwalk with no change of footwear. Perforations all over the shoe allow water to flow in and out (although if your little one gets a serious sopping, you may have to pull off the shoes to completely drain the water ).

Do Native shoes run big or small?

These shoes run a half size smaller. If you go to the Native website and click FAQ it will tell you that if you wear an in-between size to order a size down.

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Do Native shoes get smelly?

yes, please. So, I’ve checked: my Natives don’t stink. And I know my feet have gotten sweaty in my Natives, but the brilliant thing is that since they’re breathable, I’m not walking in puddles of sweat (I’ve done it, it’s gross). The moisture evaporates, my feet stay cool, my shoes don’t get stinky.

Do Native shoes ever go on sale? doesn’t have a sale right now, so unfortunately everything is full-priced. You can sign up for their emails and get a 10% off coupon, though. And although the prices may be higher they of course have the widest selection and everything in stock!

Are Native shoes ethical?

The products are currently made in China and Vietnam. They pride themselves on knowing their factory conditions are ethical. Behind every pair of shoes, there is no forced labour and workers have steady wages and working hours. According to a Native Shoes review, the brand is certified by PETA as vegan-friendly.

Are Native shoes like Crocs?

Crocs and Native shoes are very similar in terms of features, but Native tend to fit a bit better and are more stylish. They are both made of plastic, although Native’s seems to be a bit softer.

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