Quick Answer: Who Carries Wide Width Womens Sneakers?

What store sells wide width shoes?


  • Asos.
  • Lane Bryant.
  • Torrid.
  • Comfortview.
  • Ashley Stewart.
  • Target.
  • Forever 21.
  • Zappos.

What sneaker brand is best for wide feet?

These Are the Best Sneakers for Wide Feet, According to a Podiatrist

  • Vionic Tokyo Sneaker.
  • Vionic Abigal Lace-Up.
  • Nothing New Low Top Sneakers.
  • New Balance 720 Sneakers.
  • Vionic Demetra Slip-On Sneaker.
  • Saucony Kinvara 8 Running Shoe.
  • Vionic Alaina Sock Sneakers.
  • Vans Old Skool Sneaker.

What brand of sneakers run wide?

Fortunately, brands such as New Balance, Nike, SKECHERS, and ASICS all produce shoes tailored toward wide feet. We’ll all be able to readily recite the length of the shoe we need at the store, but do you know which of the nine widths your feet require?

What are the best women’s shoes for wide feet?

What are the Best Shoes for Wide Feet?

  • Cute Heels for Wide Feet: Clarks.
  • Comfortable Shoes for Wide Feet: Skechers.
  • Best Wide Width Shoes: SAS.
  • Cute Shoes Wide Feet: Propet.
  • Cute Sandals for Wide Feet: Vionic.
  • Comfortable Heels for Wide Feet: Ecco.
  • Comfortable Sandals for Wide Feet: Birkenstocks.
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What is the widest width in women’s shoes?

Women’s shoe width guidelines

B width is a medium (M) width; this is the regular or average width.
D, E, EE, etc. are wide width shoes, for every letter you go up ¼ inch is added to the width, also for every extra “E” (i.e. E to EE) an extra ¼ inch is added.

How much wider is a wide width shoe?

When measured at the ball-of-the-foot, the difference between shoe widths is approximately 1/4”. A wide width is 1/4” wider than a medium width and an extra wide width is 1/2” wider than a medium width.

Are Adidas wider than Nike?

Adidas runs bigger than Nike by up to 5 millimeters. For example, if you’re a women’s size 8 for Adidas, your foot is 9.7-inches long. The disparity is more evident with half sizes. A women’s 6.5 translates to 9.12 inches on Nike and 9.2 inches on Adidas, which is a fairly big gap.

What shoe brands have wide sizes?

These brands routinely make wide width shoes for women:

  • Birkenstocks: For summer sandals, Birkenstocks are a classic choice.
  • Toms: Toms canvas slip ons come in a full range of colors and patterns.
  • Keds: Keds offers preppy casual styles in neutral colors designed to go with almost anything in your closet.

Which Nike shoes are best for wide feet?

One width doesn’t fit all, so we make some of our Nike shoes in wide and extra-wide sizes because a better fit means better performance. The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus, Nike Air Zoom Structure, and Nike Zoom Vomero are all commonly available in wider widths.

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How do I know if I need wide width shoes?

Just remember that the need for wide shoes is about more than the width of your foot. For instance, if your foot is 3.75 inches wide and you wear a size 5, you’ll need a wide fit. On the other hand, if you wear a size 8, you can opt for medium- width footwear. Additionally, men’s feet are generally larger than women’s.

Are Converse shoes good for wide feet?

Yes, they are pretty wide and very comfortable! Yes they are worth buying I have wide feet too and they feel comfy! My feet are very wide and my chucks were comfortable and fit well from the first time I wore them!

What are the most comfortable walking shoes for wide feet?

Wide walking shoes

  • New Balance 928 v3. Great (14340 reviews)
  • New Balance 877. Superb (13424 reviews)
  • Saucony Grid Omni Walker. Great (7283 reviews)
  • New Balance 577. Superb (35603 reviews)
  • Brooks Addiction Walker 2. Good (3045 reviews)
  • New Balance 1350. Good (3636 reviews)
  • New Balance 813. Good (9356 reviews)
  • New Balance 1450.

What shoes have the widest toe box?

The Primal RunAmoc is currently the widest natural toe box shoe on the market. Designed by a physiotherapist, all of Ahinsa’s footwear offers a generous amount of room in the toe box. Each of their shoe styles promote natural foot function through a flexible design and a sole that’s flat from heel-to-toe.

Why are my feet so wide?

Flat arches are another genetic condition that can cause wide feet. When people with fallen arches stand, the curve of the foot collapses, which can make a foot appear wider. There are other factors apart from genetics that can cause wide feet. The first is wearing shoes that don’t fit.

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What are the most comfortable high heels for wide feet?

15 Comfortable Heels for Wide Feet That You Can Wear Allll Day Long

  • these red boots. Icon Bootie 75.
  • these knee- high boots. Claudia Knee High Boot.
  • these slip-ons. Abelle Blue Mules.
  • these neutral ones. Abilyn Strap Pump.
  • these pumps. Luna.
  • these classic ones. Tatiana Pumps.
  • these suede ones. Ace Mule.
  • these elastic pumps. Edie Pumps.

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