Quick Answer: Who Makes Osiris Sneakers?

Who made Osiris Shoes?

Тони Магнуссон Тони Чэнь Лора Ким Дуг Уэстон Брайан Райд Osiris Shoes / Основатели Osiris Shoes is a skate shoe company that was founded in 1996 by Tony Chen, Tony Magnusson, Brian Reid, Doug Weston and Laura Kim. They created the company when they saw a void in the skateboard industry for pro designed and endorsed footwear.

Do they still make Osiris Shoes?

Today Osiris produces some of the hottest, most comfortable, highly technical skate shoes on the market, like the NYC 83 shoe, and the Pixel shoe. Also the the Osiris Bronx is now called the NYC83.

When were Osiris shoes popular?

Unlike most brands on the market in the mid to late-’90s, Osiris was not only rider-driven footwear, but they also gave every pro a model, regardless of their status.

Who designed Osiris D3?

‘ That’s where brands like OSIRIS with the D3 [2001 model] designed by Brian Reid took it to a whole different level,” said Don Brown at Sole Technology in his ILLUMINATED PAPER interview on the 1990s tech skate shoe trend.

How do Osiris D3 fit?

A few have mentioned that the Osiris D3 2001 fits tight around the toe area, so sizing a half up is suggested. The sneaker is a bit bulky, according to some users.

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Do Osiris shoes run big?

Like kost Osiris products they look even better in person, the details are beautiful. I am sad to say that run alot smaller than normal. So if you wear a 9 get a 10. I had to return the pair for myself, but kept my sons pair because I always size up for him.

Do they still make Adio shoes?

As of now, Adio Footwear maintains its position as an industry leader by upholding its deep roots in skateboarding and continue to developing the world’s most lasting and durable skate shoes.

What happened to DuFFS Shoes?

Haley attributes the company’s slowdown to insufficient funding: “Basically what happened is DuFFS had too many orders and not enough money? so we placed a lot of orders at the factory. And the factory wanted to deliver, but couldn’t, so the shoes became six months late.”

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