Readers ask: Easy Spirit Sneakers?

Are Easy Spirit good shoes?

The Easy Spirit Traveltime Mule was the perfect choice as it has plenty of grip, good support, is lightweight, and is just thick enough to protect my mom’s feet in case she dropped something on her foot. The shoes can be easily put on and removed, just like slippers, and they’re simple and attractive.

What store sells Easy Spirit shoes?

Easy Spirit Shoes | Casual Shoes | JCPenney.

Are Easy Spirit shoes good for walking?

Reliable Easy Spirit fit. Not much cushioning especially considering it’s a walking shoe. For my purpose of going to grocery kind of errands, will be OK and I’ll add an innersole to get the expected cushioning.

Is Easy Spirit a good brand?

These shoes are good in the beginning, but over time, the soles become hard and slick and dangerous. I have fallen and broken bones because of the slick bottoms on my traveltime easy spirit shoes. If you buy them, buy one pair and wear it out. They don’t keep.

Do Easy Spirit shoes have good arch support?

Why buy an expensive gym shoe to accommodate your orthotics when you can find the Easy Spirit Romy for under $70? Decent arch support: Most reviewers classify the Romy’s arch support as moderate, not enhanced.

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Who bought Easy Spirit?

Marc Fisher Footwear acquired the Easy Spirit brand in January 2017 from Nine West, with Marc Fisher Footwear selling both dress and casual shoes to include heels, sandals, boots and sneakers. Easy Spirit shoes are sold online and at major department stores and specialty stores at prices ranging between $49 and $89.

Does Walmart sell Easy Spirit shoes?

Easy Spirit Sneakers –

Does Dillards carry Easy Spirit shoes?

We do not carry Easy Spirit on, but we think you may like ECCO, Comfortiva, or Sofft instead.

Does Macy’s carry Easy Spirit shoes?

Easy Spirit Traveltime: Shop Easy Spirit Traveltime – Macy’s.

Does DSW carry Easy Spirit shoes?

Easy Spirit Shoes, Sandals, Boots & Dress Shoes | DSW.

Are Easy Spirit shoes washable?

Easy Spirit shoes are known for their quality and long wear, and cleaning helps them look like new. With a bit of soap and water, you can clean your shoes with ease. While most shoe materials can withstand a cleaning with mild soap and water, some materials, such as suede, require special cleaners.

Does easy spirit make mens shoes?

Easy Spirit SHOES MEN’S SIZE: 9.

Are Esprit shoes comfortable?

The 7 fits perfectly and these shoes are incredibly comfortable.

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